PASIG User Group Conference

    Oracle Headquarters
    May 10-12
    Redwood Shores, CA 

      Tuesday, May 10 - Optional Deep-Dive: Oracle Technologies for Long-term Data Retention and Access
    8:00am-9:00am Breakfast
      Customer and Partner Presentations
    9:00am-9:20am Introduction - Art Pasquinelli, Oracle
      Preservation and Archiving
    9:20am-10:00am Preservation Architectures - Tom Cramer, Stanford
    10:00am-10:30am Archiving and Storage Overview - Raymond Clarke, Oracle
      10:30am-11:00am Solution Directions for Long-term Data Retention and Access - Donna Harland, Oracle
      11:00am-11:20am Break
    11:20am-11:50am Tape Technologies for Long-Term Data Retention - Gary Francis, Oracle
      11:50am-12:20pm Database Technologies for Archiving - Kevin Jernigan, Oracle 
      1:30pm-2:00pm Semantic Data Management - Xavier Lopez, Director, Spatial & Semantic Technologies, Oracle 
      2:00pm-2:30pm Content Management - Marc Kelberman, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle 
    2:30pm-3:00pm   Preservation for a Safer World - Hong-Eng Koh, Sr. Director, Justice and Public Safety, Oracle
      3:00pm-3:30pm Break
      3:30pm-4:00pm  Research and Cloud Technology - David Teszler, Sr. Manager, Cloud Computing, Oracle
      4:00pm-4:30pm  Open Discussion and Wrap Up
      Wednesday, May 11
    8:00am-9:00am Breakfast
    9:00am-9:20am  Welcome, Introductions, and Kick-off - Art Pasquinelli, Oracle, Michael Keller, Stanford
    9:20am-9:40am PASIG Positioning and Trends - Art Pasquinelli, Oracle
    9:40am-10:00am Global Trends - Michael Keller, Stanford
    10:00am-10:20am  Technology Trends in Preservation and Archiving - Raymond Clarke, Oracle
    10:20am-10:40am Break
      New Models and Evolving Architectures
    10:40am-11:00am  USC Digital Repository - Sam Gustman, USC
    11:00am-11:20am Building Preservation and Access Services - Roger Essoh, Atos Origin
    11:20am-11:40am San Diego Supercomputer Chronopolis - David Minor, SDSC
    11:40am-12:00pm CLOCKSS - Randy Keifer, CLOCKSS
    12:00pm-12:30pm Open Planets - Bram van der Werf, Open Planets
    12:30pm-1:40pm Lunch
    1:40pm-2:00pm  Library of Congress NAVCC - Carl Watts, Library of Congress
    2:00pm-2:20pm Family Search - Randall Stokes, FamilySearch
    2:20pm-2:40pm Internet Archive - Kristine Hanna, Internet Archive
    2:40pm-3:00pm Curation and Preservation Microservices - Stephen Abrams, California Digital Library
    3:00pm-3:30pm Break
    3:30pm-3:50pm Preservation Architectures - Mark Evans, Tessella
    3:50pm-4:10pm Preservation Architectures - Alison MacDonald - The Digital Archiving Consultancy Limited
    4:10pm-4:30pm  Cross-Industry Preservation Architectures: The SNIA View - Michael Peterson, iMerge Consulting
    4:30pm-4:50pm DuraSpace, Fedora, and DuraCloud Update and Directions - Jonathan Markow, DuraSpace
    4:50pm-5:15pm Audience Open Microphone
    5:15pm - 5:30 Summation - Michael Keller, Stanford U.
      Thursday, May 12
    7:30am-8:45am Breakfast
      Customer and Partner Presentations
    8:45am-9:00am Introduction and Recap - Michael Keller, Stanford
    9:00am-9:20am Stanford U Projects and Directions - Tom Cramer, Stanford
    9:20am-9:40am Oxford U. Projects and Directions - Neil Jefferies, Oxford
    9:40am-10:00am Vital Media Implementations - Vishesh Chachra, VTLS
    10:00am-10:20am Digital Repository Architecture at Egypt's Alexandria Library - Noha Adly, Bibliotheca Alexandrina
    10:20am-10:40am Break
    10:40am-11:00am Personal Archiving Conference Results - Jeff Ubois
    11:00am-11:05am Introduction to the Oracle Large Tape User Group (LTUG) - Jason Hick, LTUG
    11:00am-11:20am Storage Supporting DOE Science - Jason Hick, Lawrence Berkeley Labs
    11:20am-11:40am DataOne and Data Curation - John Kunze, California Digital Library
    11:40am-12:00pm Islandora and SOAR Architectures - Mark Leggott, UPEI/DiscoveryGarden
    12:00pm-12:30pm Audience Open Microphone
    12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch
    1:30pm-1:50pm  Content Management. and Preservation in Media and Healthcare - George Sokol, Fishbowl Solutions
    1:50pm-2:10pm Preservation Architectures Overview - Jacob Farmer, Cambridge Computer
    2:10pm-2:30pm Archivematica Overview - Peter van Garderen, Artefactual Systems
    2:30pm-3:00pm Break
    3:00pm-4:30pm Unconference Break Outs - Opportunity to have break outs on project ideas, issues areas, vertical market interests, and topics
    4:30pm-5:15pm Break Out Reports, Comments, and Adjournment

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